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Buy NowWhat is the new Combo Top by LDComfort®?

LDComfort introduces a Riding Top that allows women to ride without the distraction of a sweaty, uncomfortable, chafing bra. The women's Combo Top is not designed like a bra and offers comfort by keeping your skin dry, eliminating chafing and providing moderate support for long rides. The Combo Top is designed so all women can wear it regardless of cup size.

A women's style tank top design with a well thought out liner sewn into it. The Combo Top will support you on long rides without making you feel restricted or uncomfortable. There are no wires, shaping panels, and no unnecessary seams. As with all LDComfort products, our special dual layer fabric will keep your skin dry. Now women riders can be free from the distraction and irritation of riding in an uncomfortable bra and able to focus on the joy of the ride.
Combo Top Shown


What women are saying about the top:

"Mario, you have hit it big with the Women's Combo Top! I wore mine (love the hot pink color!) from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. We experienced temps just above freezing to above 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). The Combo Top kept me cool or warm and cozy and comfortable. When it was cool out I wore the Long Sleeve LDComfort shirt over the Combo Top and when it was hot out I just wore the Combo Top under my RoadCrafter. The Combo Top is especially comfortable in the heat, no bra chafing, straps rubbing, just nice and comfy for the girls. Being on the road for several months finds me at the bathroom sink rinsing clothes out by hand. The LDComfort products wash up nice and dry overnight without a problem if you follow the enclosed instructions. I am looking forward to adding the Tights to my riding gear on our upcoming adventure around Australia. It will be Autumn and early Winter while we are there and expect to experience all weather conditions throughout their wonderful continent. Expect a report when we return! Thanks again for a great product!"
Jonnie S, Sheridan WY

"We ladies asked for your help, and you came through spectacularly! Our Valley heat has finally hit, and I just love the Combo Top! It is everything I had hoped it would be. Again, thank you soooooooooooo much!!"

"The best compliment I can give is that I put the ladies Combo Top on at the beginning of the Iron Butt 5000 Rally and forgot it! Outstanding comfort through temperatures that ranged in a single day from over 100 degrees to below 60.
Highly recommended"

"For the 2011 IBR I put on the LDComfort Women's Combo Top and forgot about it.  Any woman will tell you, being able to forget about your support is high praise.  In a single day during the Iron Butt Rally I rode through bone-chilling rain into desert heat strong enough to melt shoes.  The combo top, paired with the long-sleeve shirt provided a level of comfort that surely allowed me to go further.  If gals want particulars, I can say that I didn't have issues with pools of sweat or dampness nor did I experience undercuts or binding even after hours on the bike.  For over 13,000 miles during the eleven-day rally LDComfort gear was the only base-layer I wore."

"More feedback? You betcha! Yes it worked fine, very comfortable for my usual riding , but now I have tested it out for 15 full days under combat rally conditions, and I have very little to say, because I DID NOT EVEN KNOW IT WAS THERE!!!!!!! The fact that it never entered my consciousness is very high praise indeed, because that means it was so extremely comfortable, no chaffing, no binding, no uncomfortable cutting in by straps, no abrasion, nothing, just quietly doing its job without any fuss. . . . A million thanks for the great LDComfort gear. I can no longer imagine riding without it."

"Hi I bought a Combo Top for my holiday recently and just wanted to say thanks. It was the best ever, so comfortable and supportive! I honestly forgot I was wearing it and it didn't need to be "peeled" off at the end of a day. It washed like a dream as did the other LDComfort gear we took with us and once I found the trick of rolling it in towels to take out excess moisture after washing they all dried like a dream. Will be definitely be getting more. Thanks again."

"For my long ride back home I wore the LDComfort Combo Top four days in a row. I have only one word that describes the combo top: A-MA-ZING!
There is nothing that compares to the comfort of that garment. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and never apply pressure on the skin. The large strap under the breast is also very comfortable. The combo top does provide enough support for motorcycle riding. I can see where it is important to take the sizing measurement under the bust line to determine the correct size.
The form fitting liner under the tank top always kept me dry and solved the problem of chafing from improper undergarments for the woman who rides motorcycles.
A satisfied motorcyclist"

"It was 107 degrees and I wore the LDComfort Combo Top and it was great - I never felt too warm even when stopped for long lights. I have the heavy Klim jacket on over the top. It has some venting but not tons of it. This is a magic top. Thank you."

"Hi Mario. I "LOVE" the LDComfort Combo Top. I was on the bike for about 8 hours today and was very comfortable the entire time. This was great! Thanks so much, you've really done a great job with it! YES! Make thousands of the Combo Tops for all women to enjoy! Seriously, I had the combo top on for over 16 hours yesterday because I just left it on after my ride to go out for dinner and putter around with friends in town. Way more comfortable than any 'regular' bra or 'sports' bra I've ever worn!
Thanks again, women everywhere will worship you! Or, at least the ones who need a comfortable undergarment to go the distance in!"
- Nancy

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